21 March 2013

The Scrum Cast E.18

We take a more in depth look at our first few games with The Hunters Grim and the decidedly unique playstyle he brings to Trollbloods.  Okay lets not kid ourselves, they kept all the flavor of Grim Angus and at the same time made something new out of The Hunters Grim.

Episode 18

14 March 2013

The Scrum Cast Ep.17

It's Gigantic
It's Enormus
It's Colossal
Nope, it's Gargantuan.

Come listen as we reveiw the Trollblood Gargantuan releases and discuss their quality openly.  Don't succomb to the black cloud hanging over the Trollblood forums and glory in that which we have been given.

Episode 17

We Have Moved

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