21 May 2013

The Scrum Cast Ep.24

Goris is back and we're ready to go, also we learned an important lesson about when the appropriate time to tap your toes is.

Episode 24

15 May 2013

The Scrum Cast Ep. 23

Episode 23

We proceed without the master of the blog Goris, and since he's not here to defend himself we attack.   No agenda, no sterring, we just talk where it takes us.

08 May 2013

The Scrum Cast Ep. 22

Episode 22

We kick off our newest painting competition and the playtesting and data collection for the Hunter's Grim.   Also, TheGreatBlah wasn't here again so listening is probably more enjoyable... probably.

We Have Moved

The ScrumCast has moved!! to http://handcannononline.com/blog/category/podcasting/scrumcast/ This page will automatically redirect...