16 November 2011

The Scrum Cast E.3

Welcome to the Domination Extravaganza... As we attempt to provide you high class entertainment you are left with... well not high class entertainment.  Between TheGreatBlah's giggles and Goris' gravelly voice you will definitely be entertained.  In this episode we discuss

Sid's painting service
Breast Cancer Brawls
Domination Releases
Epic Grissel
Storm Troll
and much more...

It's a long one folks 2:24:10.  Continuing our trend of discrimination against those whose ears don't regenerate, you'll be confused if you only use one ear of your headphones.  That or you can listen to just Goris... which is a blessing and a curse.

Those of you who used the old feed it has been fed to Rok, please use our new feed from our new Scrum Cast Page

Despite our tireless efforts to keep the Scrum Cast away from itunes (lets face it, their interface looks a little too 'Retribution of Scryah' for us) The Scrum Cast will be available on itunes in a few days.

Episode 3

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