The Scum Cast is quite literally a skirmish of words. It defines the unique perspective of Trollbloods and their contest with the rest of the Iron Kingdoms. Kith and Kriel listen to further their cause. Foes listen to attempt a better understanding of why Trollblood Axes keep hitting them in the mouth. This website is unofficial and is not endorsed by Privateer Press. As Minions though, we remain hungry and are willing to work for food.

30 August 2011

The Scrum Cast E.1

Here at the Scrum we strive to bring you all things excellent with Trollbloods... heck we even try to bring you tasty tidbits from all Hordes and Warmachine.  In our pursuit of this goal we have provided you all with the glory of listening to some of us ramble on about the goings on in the Trollblood universe.  We bring you the first, and hopefully not last, ScrumCast!!  Hang on to your kilts, tie down your Axes, keep your hands, feet and tentacles inside the cart at all times and enjoy the ride.

In this Feature packed Pocast we have for you:

- A super special Guest!
- Introductions for all our contributors
- News Pertaining to Troll Releases
- Domination and Wrath Discussion
- Lock n Load Reflections
- Warlock Spotlight by Mike Davies
- Masters Tournament Format Discussion

(Note Audio streams from both ears, if you have one ear you will only hear some of us... TrollbloodScrum, quietly discriminating against headphone listeners who only use one ear since 608 AR)

Episode 1

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