The Scum Cast is quite literally a skirmish of words. It defines the unique perspective of Trollbloods and their contest with the rest of the Iron Kingdoms. Kith and Kriel listen to further their cause. Foes listen to attempt a better understanding of why Trollblood Axes keep hitting them in the mouth. This website is unofficial and is not endorsed by Privateer Press. As Minions though, we remain hungry and are willing to work for food.

04 February 2013

The Scrum Cast E.16

Our first live cast happened last week.  We took live questions, made fun of Goris in the chat, and complained about the Mountain King.  Our insider information leads us to believe  that the new Epic Grim Angus may be what we have all been looking for to lessen the sting of recent releases a little bit. Plus our long lost EuroTroll Bakaryu makes an appearance.

Join us live next time where we will continue to question Goris's orientation... and talk about Warmachine and Hordes.

Episode 16

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