The Scum Cast is quite literally a skirmish of words. It defines the unique perspective of Trollbloods and their contest with the rest of the Iron Kingdoms. Kith and Kriel listen to further their cause. Foes listen to attempt a better understanding of why Trollblood Axes keep hitting them in the mouth. This website is unofficial and is not endorsed by Privateer Press. As Minions though, we remain hungry and are willing to work for food.

28 September 2013

The Scrum Cast Ep.30

This Episode we talk about our run up to the Intermountain Cup Fall 2013.  Our Post cup cast is incoming. ASAP

Editors Note: This podcast was delayed in its release because TheGreatBlah was in training to become an actual Scattergunner.   His weapon... a modified Scattergun so called a Remington 1100.

Episode 31

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